About Us

Pro-Tech Mfg. is a custom metal cutting, machining, and fabrication shop based in in the heart of Southgate, Ontario; just a short drive from Dundalk, Flesherton, Proton Station and Holstein in beautiful Grey County. We specialize in customized services without minimum order volumes. Our goal is to develop lasting relationships with a diverse customer base within a variety of industries.

No job is too large or too small! The team at Pro-Tech Mfg. can scale up and down with project demand. This means that our customers can enjoy rapid scaling of projects without getting bound to long contracts or lead times.

To provide a more comprehensive range of services, we have been intentional about building out our specializations to cover more aspects of the manufacturing process. From our core services of tube laser cutting and CNC machining we have the capacity to offer additional functions such as welding and bandsaw cutting.